Ohio Board Of Regents Rule Temporary Student Immigrants Must Be Treated As Residents And Can Recieve In State Tuition Schedules – One Positive Step

As highlighted by Karen Farkas in tonight’s Plain Dealer immigrant¬† students will be able to take advantage of in-state tuition fees which will help them enroll in colleges that were, up to now, out of their price range.

Great step towards keeping young immigrants in Ohio.

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Another Look at Immigration If The Senate Bill Were To Become Law

Highlights: approximately 150,000 less new immigrants would come into the United States if the Senate Bill were to become law. But the green card back log we have now would be cleared.

You can go to American Progress’ and their chart that shows current numbers compared to numbers after the Reform Bill would take effect, in categories like family visas, employment based visas, merit based visas. It’s good to see a comparison and the numbers of total visa entries drops dramatically if this bill is passed.

They also have a pdf worth viewing on the power of immigrants to positively affect the economy.

On Line Treat: Cleveland Memory Project Highlights Interviews With Immigrants

We have the opportunity, thanks to The Cleveland Memory Project, to read excerpts of interviews conducted for the completion of this extensive study of oral histories of immigrants to NE Ohio. The excerpts cover 5 immigrants from places like Italy, Lebanon and Greece.

The archives for this project are housed at the Michael Schwartz Library at CSU but the virtual site has everything from the oral history excerpts I featured above to photos and other documents. It’s a very cool peek into the life of earlier immigrants. Check it out!

The Immigration Reform Bill Sent To The US House For It’s Consideration … Entire Bill

Not that any of us expect the House to pass this ‘as is,’ but it would be remiss of me not to include the entire Immigration Reform Bill that was sent to the US House for everyone’s review (So now, and as changes are suggested, we’ll have a reference guide available).

I often give them grief for not live streaming critical breaking news on-line but not this time. Thanks to CNN for this record of the Bill on their site.

The Back Log of Highly Skilled Immigrant Workers Waiting For Citizenship Puts A Damper On Encouraging New Workers To Emigrate To The U.S.

Did you know that one of the bright young people who helped design Facebook’s original code and helped develop Google mapping apps went to boarding school in Cleveland after emigrating from India at 14? Now he lives in Canada and you might be amazed as to why he made that decision.

An article from the American Enterprise Institute entitled America’s Other Immigration Crisis explains the stark reality of hurdles immigrants face when they try to develop a life in the United States but find out there are too many hurdles to overcome to make it worth their while.

It’s not a recent article (2008) but it’s one I wanted to feature because it just might give you that ‘Ah Ha’ moment when you say to yourself, do I really want these bright young people leaving the United States?

Not to mention NE Ohio where skilled jobs in areas like but not limited to manufacturing go unfilled? While we discuss (for years now) how to keep the United States competitive in STEM areas and NE Ohio trying to gain a foothold on being one of the areas to lure the best and the brightest, how can we not want to free up this visa and residency backlog to make that happen?

Cam Asia Market: The Place To Go For Asian Items in NE Ohio

How do you know when you live in a place that is immigrant-rich? By the quality of the international grocery market. Ok, it’s certainly not the only measure, but it’s a darn good one. Thus, CAM Asia on Miles Road.

Yelp is not a daily newspaper website but comments can be just as biting. Not about Cam Asia, however. This time, comments are full of wide-eyed wonderment from people who have that AHA moment after visiting for the first time.

And for good reason! It is like being a kid in a candy store. The variety of produce and packaged goodies is huge – and representative of so many Asian cuisine staples: Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, to name a few.

Oddly enough, I’ve yet to visit the MIles Rd farmers market (yes, I know, long overdue). But I had clients in Richmond Heights last summer and decided to check out Cam Asia afterward. I left with lots of veggies, some Japanese udon and rice noodles, sesame oil (less expensive, by the way, for all these items, at least the ones available other places, than your typical grocery store), some wasabi and prepared pickled noodles that were amazing.

You can read the Yelp reviews here.

I did not see blue crabs when I was there but according to one review, they fly them in. Be still my heart.

Thankfully, we have a large enough immigrant population to support wonderful markets like CAM Asia. Another reason to keep that diverse population flowing.