Cleveland’s St. Clair/Superior Neighborhood Is A Complexity of Wonderful Creativity and Cultures

Asia Town, with thousands of Asian residents, artists, shops and restaurants, would make this area interesting all by itself. But this neighborhood is also home to a long-time Slovenian population, Ethiopian and more.

St. Clair Superior sits well positioned if you work at the Cleveland Clinic, Public Square, attend school at Cleveland State and there is excellent public transportation to get you to any of these places.

Watch the video below to see what people who live and work their now are saying about their community.

Here is a link to a Fresh Water Cleveland article from 2011 on this vibrant, multi-cultural  neighborhood:

Watch the video — it’s a neighborhood that welcomes and celebrates immigrants as well as long time residents and visitors.



Updates From Giovanni Peri et al Study: Influx of Low Skilled Workers Sends Native Workers Into More Complex Jobs and Higher Wages

This study is based in Denmark. When you think about the results and the path taken by the workers, it makes sense it could be applicable in the United States.

Posted this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research, this is a working paper by Matt Foged and Giovanni Peri.

You Don’t Have To Put Elon Musk On A Pedestal To Think He’s Still One More Reason Immigrants Are Needed Here

Elon Musk is from South Africa. He’s an engineer, he builds things, he dreams, he has quite the following. Which is probably why I don’t need to tell you much about him, you already know. How much he has done for the United States already, is reflected in this Business Insider story on why some people think Elon Musk is even greater than Steve Jobs. A big shout out to The Franchise King for pointing me to this article.

At the one end of what he has done? He created PayPal. At the other end? Tesla, which is soaring in profitability.

Oh yes, he also wants to go to Mars. Thus, SpaceX.

Do you think he employs a lot of people in these various companies? You betcha.

Which is why we need the dreamers and inventors and highly skilled immigrants here!

Good Ideas Here, Including One Directly Involving Immigrants

City Wire Net featured a story on some creative ideas developed to try to apply the preventive measure method to cities, in the hopes of avoiding pitfalls before they happen, not after.

The horse may have already left the barn on a few of these issues here in NE Ohio. But it’s never too late. The article is  CityWireNet deals with Smart City Thinking.

There is a cool idea about ‘aging in place’ housing (some of which, by the way, we already have here in NE Ohio) that can benefit everyone as the aging population of baby boomers becomes the aged. Also other ideas, but the one that struck me the most?

A way to help immigrants assimilate into a community while helping their children in schools, which helps the students learn and keeps the parents involved. The idea is so good, it could only be better if every parental ‘pod,’ no matter what form, was made to participate as well.  Okay, here is the quote about that:

In Chicago public schools, foreign-born and low-income parents are being offered posts as teaching assistants in elementary classrooms – a route to workforce experience while they receive English language training and a modest stipend. Building new community connections, the immigrants and other challenged parents also become acquainted with – and can better support – their children’s school curriculum.

Why Immigrant Detention Costs Us Too Much Money

National Immigration Forum study on why costs for immigration detention do not add up.

The National Immigration Forum did a study (line above, 13 page pdf) on why it costs us too much money to detain immigrants and they claim to have done the math to show why it costs over $150/day per person and $5 million a day overall. Big numbers? Read it and see what you think.

Three Upcoming Global Cleveland Events

Maybe you just want to find out more about Global Cleveland. There are two informational events being held at the Global Cleveland Hub. They seem to be monthly.

When: August 22, 2013 (tonight) and September 27, 2013

Time: 5:30 pm

Where: Global Cleveland Welcome Hub 200 Public Square, Suite 150, Cleveland OH 44114

Then on August 29th (next Thursday) you can enjoy a night out and potentially meet new or boomerangs or immigrating Cleveland area peeps. Cut and paste from the event announcement:

Event: Global Cleveland’s quarterly welcoming event for newcomers – Tap Into Cleveland Heights! Join Global Cleveland and FutureHeights for a night of food, drinks and fun at Nighttown Jazz Club and Restaurant, one of Cleveland Heights hottest spots. Plus, learn what Cleveland Heights Neighborhood has to offer!

To RSVP, please visit: