A Peek At Ohio Immigrants-In-Waiting and How The Path To Citizenship Is Excruciatingly Slow

The Columbus Dispatch writes about the frustration on all ends of the wait for citizenship. According to this article, 4700 of the 342,000 people waiting Nationwide are in Ohio.

Lots of good information in this article, but here is something to take away (please read it, it could be eye-opening for you)

If court cases take years to complete just think of the money spent to process this. Wouldn’t a timely resolution to all cases benefit us all? When, for example, the one Ohio court was set up to handle immigration cases, the numbers in back log were less than 200. Times change, needs change, and regardless of whether you think immigrants should be allowed to stay here, it’s like being on death row. Not very humane, not good for business and certainly not good for Ohio.


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