The Undocumented Can Legally Be Their Own Bosses, Pay Taxes and Hire U.S. Citizens To Work For Them

Who knew? Not me! Current laws forbid companies from hiring undocumented workers. But for those who came to the United States as youngsters with their parents, creating their own LLC’s, working with the U.S. banking system and business law is second nature (unlike their parents who might still be fearful of this).

This LA Times article opened my eyes to the intricacies of legally acting as a consultant or forming your own limited liability company. In this article, one featured undocumented young person talks about her epiphany: ‘I can’t get hired by a U.S. citizen, but I can hire a U.S. citizen.’ Hat’s off to Cindy Carcamo of the LA Times for the good information.


A Peek At Ohio Immigrants-In-Waiting and How The Path To Citizenship Is Excruciatingly Slow

The Columbus Dispatch writes about the frustration on all ends of the wait for citizenship. According to this article, 4700 of the 342,000 people waiting Nationwide are in Ohio.

Lots of good information in this article, but here is something to take away (please read it, it could be eye-opening for you)

If court cases take years to complete just think of the money spent to process this. Wouldn’t a timely resolution to all cases benefit us all? When, for example, the one Ohio court was set up to handle immigration cases, the numbers in back log were less than 200. Times change, needs change, and regardless of whether you think immigrants should be allowed to stay here, it’s like being on death row. Not very humane, not good for business and certainly not good for Ohio.

Wilmington NC Church Celebrates Becoming a Basilica While Celebrating Immigration

The Church (now a Basilica), the Bishop, and parishioners all weighed in on the need to embrace immigrants.  Very cool article about why some people in Wilmington, North Carolina are hoping for comprehensive immigration reform.

Vermont Is Now Home To Four More People…Legally, Due to DOMA and a Change In Immigration Status

The Uniting American Families Act plus the legalization of same sex marriage allowed two couples who hoped to gain permanent residency in Vermont to breathe a sigh of relief. You can read about it here.

More on the Uniting American Families portion of Immigration Reform (currently there are at least 35,000 same-sex binational couples in the U.S.) can be found on Wikipedia here.

LULAC Provides Specifics on How Sensible Immigration Reform Can Fix Ohio’s Broken Economy

Key points to the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) report for the entire Nation are provided on their site. Some things make perfect sense.

1. Because increased immigration brings with it an enrichment of culture, tourism would grow nationally.

2. GDP would rise, the Federal Deficit would be reduced – LULAC estimates – by $850 million over the next 20 years.

You can read more about it on the LULAC site here.

Of keen interest to all of us in NE Ohio would be their report on how the reforms (using the Senate Bill as a model) would affect the State of Ohio.

They suggest if immigration reform was in place by Fall of 2013, the increase in workers paying taxes and adding to the economy by the end of 2014 would be 10,000 new people.

Me? I always like the original source. Who came up with these stats, anyway? Regional Economics Models, Inc., that’s who. They are headquartered in Massachusetts and have other interesting things on their site like webinars. They also do economic modeling for other issues.

The idea that Congress is going to deal with immigration reform and put more sensible laws in place before December of 2013 is nice but probably not happening. I guess we could all be pleasantly surprised…

Sergio Garcia Has Been Waiting 19 Years For A Green Card

NPR highlighted a case coming to the Court system this week. It involves a man who for all practical purposes has been in the United States since he was 17 months old. He graduated from law school and the issue before the Court? Can an illegal alien practice law/get a license to practice?

There is a four-minute audio available on the above-linked NPR site, or you can read the article on the page.

BiPartisan Policy Center’s Michael Chertoff to Discuss Immigration Reform Sept. 10th 2013

The discussion is being held in Raleigh NC (goodness knows there are many ex pat Cleveland natives in North Carolina and Raleigh). Alternatively, you can follow a discussion on Twitter and there is also a live stream of it on the web. For more information on this September 10th event, go to the Bipartisan Policy Center’s site here.

Subject of discussion is immigration reform and here are some specifics in a quote from the website announcement:

“The politically diverse members of BPC’s Immigration Task Force, including Secretary Chertoff, have agreed upon an initial set of principles and policy recommendations within four key areas that they see as critical to fixing our broken system. ”

While this is a discussion related to North Carolina, with farmers weighing in as well, I can’t imagine it won’t be relevant to those of us in Ohio. Looking forward to the webcast, if you attend or listen, let us know what you thought about it.